Keep Your Customers

Payments are the most common activity your customer has with the insurance you sell.

Payments are made 4 to 10 times more frequently made than any other interaction your customer has with the insurance you sell.

Our technology has made it easy for your agency
to accept payments correctly, simply and

Why Don't You Accept Card Payments?

  • You do not know the correct payment amount or due date.
  • The cost of taking card payments is prohibitive.
  • You have not previously perceived the payment process as a sales opportunity.

All of these problems have been solved by our technology.

E & O Exposure

Since the dawn of direct bill, Independent Agents have been taught to avoid accepting payments at all costs to avoid E&O exposure.

The E&O exposure is in taking a payment for a policy not in force or taking a payment too small an amount to keep a policy in force.

Hub2Pay technology makes these two legitimate points no longer valid.

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